Dog costumes

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We all love our prized pooches. Whether they are big, small, fluffy or scruffy, there is something pretty awesome about owning your own dog. Dogs are pretty cute on their own, but here at The Funny Gift we think they could be even cuter. Which is why we are proud to offer our dog costumes collection.

Here you will find an assortment of mutt-tastic outfits and accessories that will turn your dog into something even more awesome then they already are. 

Our collection of dog costumes and dog clothes comes with a variety of amazing things to choose from.

We have woolly jumpers for tiny dogs to keep them warm. We have bow ties for a posh puppy and we even have security vets for those tiny wannabe bouncers.

Not only this but we also have other funny dog costumes to choose from. You can dress them up just like a princess, or make out that they are part of the K9 Police Unit. You can even whack on a hoodie when the weather really does turn cold.

There is so much that you can buy as a treat for your dog, that they never have to have their normal fur again. You can even buy them a bow in the shape of sunglasses, which make sure that they look like the coolest pooch around. You can even dress them to look just like the princess that they are!, or at least they think that they are.

With so much to choose from, free worldwide delivery and the top quality in all our items, you would be barking mad not to treat your hound to a funny dog costume from The Funny Gift.